Medical Technologist

January 2023
By Diane Boswell
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Position: Medical Technologist

Department: Laboratory


1. Entry of customer orders correctly into the Laboratory LIS system. Obtain signed ABN’s, if needed, from customer.
2. Obtain appropriate venous or arterial specimens for testing.
3. Collect urine specimens and DOT/Industrial account specimens accurately.
4. Performs various chemical, microscopic, and bacteriologic tests on body fluids, exudates, skin scrapings, and autopsy and surgical specimens to obtain data for diagnosis and treatment of diseases.
5. Train new employees in the duties of the new position and documentation of competency and/or proficiency.
6. Responsible for maintaining their assigned section, including all quality control/quality assurance studies. Responsible for all new updates or changes in instrumentation or reagents and in-services and/or training on new products.
7. Responsible for Section Manual policy and procedure updates or revisions.
8. Trains internal and external customers in the use of the LIS system.
9. Supervising other employees using independent judgment, discretion and responsibility as needed or designated, with minimal supervision from Laboratory Director.
10.Practices good Customer Service for the Laboratory Department and Hospital.


Responsible to:
Pathologist and Director of Laboratory

Employee Supervised by:
Director of Laboratory or Designee

All External and Internal Customers


Demonstrates and Reflects the Mission and Values of Salem Township Hospital:
1. Providing competent and compassionate service to all customers.
2. Act justly in keeping information confidential, assuring all interactions with customers are fair and unbiased.
3. Foster a spirit of community by working in harmony with coworkers and others throughout the organization, as well as vendors and outside customers of the department (Teamwork).
4. Respecting the dignity of all by being considerate of the needs and privacy of patients and employees.
5. Show willingness to do whatever that will help advance the mission of the department and organization.

Performs Routine and Stat Clinical Laboratory Testing:
1. Screen physicians’ orders for medical necessity, entering information into the LIS correctly.
2. Be able to collect patient samples from all age brackets, ie. birth through death.
3. Performs routine and related tests in the various areas of laboratory using standard techniques and equipment. This includes quality control, quality assurance studies, as needed.
4. Determine viability of specimens taking steps to acquire suitable specimens, checking labeling, label documentation, and document problems in the LIS.
5. Interpreting test results by identifying normal or unusual results, repeating test if necessary and/or refer results to the Lab Director and/or Medical Director.
6. Sets priorities based on changing workloads, working diligently under time and volume pressures without a diminished accuracy or loss of composure.
7. Must demonstrate a good understanding of day to day variation in test results and investigates any abnormalities before releasing test results.
8. Ensures that adequate amounts of blood and blood products are available in the blood bank.
9. Maintain professional growth and current registration. Includes continuing education requirements set by CLIA. Attend committee meetings and record necessary data when requested.
10. Complete and pass yearly competency in each assigned section of the department. Competency may be demonstrated by the following means:
a. Direct Observation
b. Demonstration
c. Video
d. Written or Oral Tests
e. Outside Sources
11. Assist in answering telephone, copying, filing, and faxing patient reports.
12. Participate in community education health programs.
13. Assist other Technical Supervisors or Director as requested.
14. Perform other duties as assigned by the Laboratory Director or Designee.

Ensures Quality Control:
1. Using established quality control rules to monitor instrument operation and quality of results reported, reviews previous QC for shifts and trends and makes corrective actions when necessary.
2. Perform and document all required maintenance.
3. Apply problem solving skills to identify causes of instrument malfunction, initiating corrective actions, with appropriate documentation in the action log.
4. Calibrating instruments or reagents’ following manufactures instructions.

Maintains Laboratory Supplies and Inventory:
1. Checking stock to determine inventory level.
2. Rotating supplies to avoid wastefulness.
3. Verify receipt of supplies.

Conserves Laboratory Resources:
1. Conserve supplies by not wasting reagents or supplies unnecessarily.
2. Avoid excessive telephone usage.
3. Practice time management techniques.

Maintain Professional and Technical Knowledge:
1. Attending educational workshops.
2. Continuing personal education.
3. Participate in continuing education.
4. Review professional publications.


Requirements for Medical Technologist:
1. Bachelor’s Degree or Equivalent.
2. Certification/ License/ Registration required by [ASCP or Equivalent].
3. Excellent verbal and communication skills.
4. Maintain strict confidentiality.
5. Have the ability to assess the needs of the customer and effectively meet those needs.


1. Good physical and mental skills.
2. Verbal, numerical, and clerical ability necessary to carry out the various tests and reporting of results.

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