Outpatient Nursing Clinic

Our clinic opened in 2008 and provides outpatient nursing services to the residents of the community and southern Illinois.  We provide care to patients seeking treatment for acute and chronic illnesses as well as routine medical management therapies.

Our clinic offers a quiet, peaceful atmosphere with fully reclining chairs, a…

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Rural Health Clinic

The Rural Health Clinic is located within Salem Township Hospital. Patients should park in the front parking lot and enter through the main front lobby for easy access to our new site. In our Rural Health Clinic, we are dedicated to providing care for acute and primary health needs of…

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Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation

Salem Township Hospital offers comprehensive outpatient cardiac rehab and pulmonary rehab programs. These programs are valuable for patients trying to return to normal daily activities and learn how to reduce risk factors and improve their quality of life.

Cardiac Rehab
This program is designed for men and women who…

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Cardiopulmonary Services

The Respiratory Therapists at Salem Township Hospital are board certified by the National Board for Respiratory Care and are available 24 hours per day. These are just two reasons why the department is the only one in Southern Illinois that has earned the distinction of Quality Respiratory Care Provider (QRCR…

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Diabetic Education

At Salem Township Hospital, we understand that education is an important part of maintaining your health, and learning about an illness.

Diabetes affects nearly 26 million people in the U.S., or 8.3 percent of the population. While more than 18 million of those with diabetes know they have…

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Emergency Department

The Salem Township Hospital Emergency Department provides Level III emergency services. The Emergency Department is responsible for the immediate recognition, evaluation, treatment/stabilization and disposition of patients in response to any medical or surgical emergency. Salem Township Hospital contracts with Midwest Emergency Department Services to provide 24-hour emergency medicine…

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Inpatient Services

Our Medical/Surgical Unit offers newly opened spacious, private rooms with a view of the surrounding park and reservoir. This creates a restful environment for your healing process. Our highly experienced nursing staff provides care to patients whether they are receiving treatment for their medical conditions or care after their…

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The Laboratory at Salem Township Hospital is a full service laboratory performing thousands of tests each day to assist physicians in diagnosing and treating illness and maintaining overall wellness.

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Nutritional Counseling

At Salem Township Hospital a Registered Dietitian specializes in designing nutritional plans for a wide range of needs. Our patients include those who simply want to eat better, as well as those with health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, management of cholesterol, weight loss and other nutrition-related…

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Therapy Services

After surgery or an illness, getting back on your feet or resuming normal activities is often more than you can handle alone. Salem Township Hospital has a team of therapists to help you regain your prior level of function while encouraging you along the way. We offer inpatient, swingbed and…

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Diagnostic imaging helps physicians diagnose patient conditions. Our imaging modalities allow a variety of ways to look at and into the human body in order to diagnose conditions to the best of our ability. We employ trained professionals and use state of the art equipment.

Salem Township Hospital Radiologists and…

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Sleep Lab

The Sleep Lab at Salem Township Hospital is under the medical direction of a Board Certified Sleep Specialist, Sajjan Nemani, MD.

Visit Dr. Nemani’s Website



Are you at risk?  Take the quiz below to see if you have the symptoms of a sleep disorder and should…

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Specialty Clinics

Consulting and courtesy medical physicians representing a wide variety of healthcare specialties treat their patients at Salem Township Hospital.
Current Schedules
Specialty Physician Clinic Schedule

Rural Health Clinic Schedule
Specialty Clinic Directory

Rural Health Specialty Clinic Directory

Contact Us

618-548-3194 ext 8138…

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Surgery services are provided for adult and pediatric patients. Both inpatient and outpatient surgeries can be performed in the department. The following surgeries/procedures are available at Salem Township Hospital:

•General surgery, Total Joint Arthroplasty, ACL Reconstruction, Laparoscopic Hemicolectomy, Tubal Ligation, Vasectomy, Cataract, Orthopedic surgery, Gynecologic surgery, Ophthalmic surgery, ENT…

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