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May 2015
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After surgery or an illness, getting back on your feet or resuming normal activities is often more than you can handle alone. Salem Township Hospital has a team of therapists to help you regain your prior level of function while encouraging you along the way. We offer inpatient, swingbed and outpatient services. 

Physical Therapy

Therapists use a combination of exercise, functional activities, manual techniques, modalities and education to help decrease pain, improve overall function and provide you with the knowledge to prevent further injuries. Diagnoses that may require therapy include orthopedic injuries, sport or work injuries, pain, neurological issues and status post surgery. Physical Therapy can also help with fall prevention, women's urinary incontinence, BPPV, wound care, work conditioning and generalized weakness. Ask your doctor if you could benefit from physical therapy.

Occupational Therapy

Our OT Department helps patients regain their independence in doing normal, everyday activities at work and home. Many times outpatient therapy will be given to patients who have limitations in their elbows, wrists and hands following fractures, cumulative trauma (carpal tunnel), surgeries or arthritis. We also treat inpatients, swingbed patients, and outpatients status post stroke or other neurological condition or patients with generalized weakness following illness or prolonged hospitalization. Inpatient therapy may include focus on self-care tasks (bathing, dressing, feeding) using adaptive equipment as needed, homemaking tasks (simulated cooking activities in clinic kitchen), education on assistive devices to increase independence and upper body strengthening/coordination.



Hours of Operation

MON-FRI / 8:00am–5:00pm

Therapy Reception

(618) 548-3194 ext8139

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