Standards of Behavior

At Salem Township Hospital, we are committed to maintaining a culture of service excellence. Service excellence means striving to be the best we can be – as individual employees and as an organization. It means providing the very highest level of clinical care, putting quality and patient safety above all else. It also means treating our customers, including patients, families, physicians, co-workers and outside contacts with dignity, respect and compassion.

  • I will treat all people with respect, dignity and respond to their needs.
  • I will provide patients with quality care.
  • I will build positive relationships with patients, guests and fellow employees.
  • I will address patients by name and identify myself to them.
  • I will answer all call lights and telephones promptly and courteously.
  • I will present myself to patients and guests in a professional manner.
  • I will take the time to explain all tests, procedures and treatments to the patient, within the scope of my authority.
  • I will comply with patients/staff privacy and confidentiality requirements.
  • I will respect the privacy of patients.
  • I will be committed to patient safety as my first priority.
  • I will be committed to a positive behavior by promoting cooperation throughout the facility.
  • I will be a responsible team member who is honest, trustworthy, ethical and accountable for all my actions.
  • I will understand not only my role on the team, but also the larger goals of other departments and my facility as we strive to meet our community’s needs.
Standards of Behavior
I acknowledge the above are Salem Township Hospital’s standards of behavior and further understand these behavioral standards are expected of every STH employee. I understand that I will be accountable and am willing to exhibit these standards through every customer encounter should I be offered a position of employment with Salem Township Hospital.

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