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Get to know the people who are "Right Here to Care for You" at Salem Township Hospital

Meet Jamie

Jamie Wilkerson is a Licensed Practical Nurse in our Surgical Services Department. In this role, Jamie assists the surgeons by handling instruments and ensuring a sterile environment. She has been a valuable member of the surgery team since August 2022.

Jamie finds great joy in helping our patients feel better and is known for her compassionate care. When asked what she enjoys about working at STH, Jamie said, “The staff members are friendly in every department. You always see a smile and get a good morning.”

Other questions we asked Jamie:

What are the things that you like about working in your profession?
There are so many different paths to choose from working in the medical field. You can always adventure out and learn new things.

Can you share something about yourself that people may not know?
Back when I was in school for clinicals, I almost passed out watching a surgery case. It grossed me out. I became very lightheaded and nauseated, and now years later, I love surgery.

How do you typically spend your leisure time?
I spend every chance I get with my family and my four dogs, Kali, Bale, Milo, and Jersey. Love to just sit around and talk or go get ice cream together.

What led you to choose Salem Township Hospital?
I have always wanted to work in surgery and a position opened. I have worked for Salem Township Hospital in the past and knew it was a great place to work.

What do you want people to know about Salem Township Hospital?
Salem Township Hospital may be small, but we have the best physicians here who always give excellent care. The staff members go above and beyond for all patients.

Jamie Wilkerson lpn

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