Total Solar Eclipse – April 8, 2024

4 weeks ago
By Kim Hays
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As April 8th approaches, local residents may want to consider advance planning and preparation for this huge event. State and local officials are expecting a tremendous influx of people from outside our area hoping to see the eclipse. This region of central and southern Illinois is considered to be within a prime viewing area. Carbondale will once again attract thousands of viewers since it will be the crossroads of the 2017 eclipse and the 2024 eclipse. Marion County among others along the I-57 corridor will also attract thousands of eclipse enthusiasts. Local residents may want to consider preparing for extremely high traffic volume during the three to four days leading up to the April 8th actual event.

What does this mean to local residents?

  • Traveling even to the grocery store, pharmacy or filling station may be extremely difficult.
  • There may be shortages of items in local stores and possibly a short supply of gasoline.
  • Local residents are encouraged to stock up on items prior to April 5th, this includes required medications, food, pet supplies, and gasoline. Always a good idea to have emergency supplies on hand and keep our gas tanks full.
  • Hotels, campgrounds, restaurants, grocery stores, and filling stations expect to be inundated with travelers.
  • If you have elderly relatives or neighbors, especially those with mobility and access challenges, you may want to help them in advance preparation.

The next total Solar Eclipse in the United States will take place in August 2045. This lengthy interval between eclipses will also motivate eclipse viewers to take advantage of the 2024 event. 

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